AHM offer a power upgrade for your Giulia & Stelvio QF

(Now with out removing or opening the ECUs so no trace that we have been there)

From 510 bhp to approx 585 bhp with a large gain in low down power and torque.

We have improved the dead patch below 3,500 rpms and improved all 3 modes.

We also offer at extra cost

STOP START disable

Exhaust flaps open in Dynamic mode as well as Race. Its worth remembering this is a fixed change, We feel the AHM exhaust flap remote is the better option this gives you a choice to open the ex flaps or work as per factory in all modes, and not noticed by the dealer when under warranty.

We offer a discount if we fit and Ex Remote and Remap together. please call or email

see our other site for more details